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Rider Sponsorship Program

We appreciate the commitment and dedication it takes to pursue your childhood dreams and think everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the Majesty of horses and the thrill of equestrian sport.  Horses empower, instill responsibility, self esteem, sportsmanship, goal setting, dedication and compassion. By sponsoring a free ticket to ride for the deserving scholarship applicant of your choice from scholarship applications, you will receive advertising benefits at Signature events, online, in prize books and magazines.

"I had the amazing opportunity to earn a scholarship at a Signature Show. That was a huge help for my parents, because like many families today, we are struggling. Yet at the same time, my family continues to support my passion in this expensive sport. I have always had to work hard coming from a middle class family, and a family that had no idea what a horse was. I eventually coerced my parents into getting me my first project horse, a thoroughbred from the track. After an accident about a year ago, we weren’t sure if he would be able to jump again. But, like he has done numerous times before he proved everyone wrong. He came out in his first show at Del Mar in March and jumped all the jumps with a huge heart. He continues to drive my passion and I now am determined to make a name for myself in riding. The County horse shows give me an opportunity to prove to myself that hard work and perseverance pays off. Showing gives me a reward and a sense of accomplishment for the many hours spent mucking, brushing, feeding, and of course riding. Coming out of the ring after a great round is the best feeling in the world. This scholarship allows me to get closer to my dreams. Maybe with more of these opportunities I may even be able to make something of my career on the A circuit. Again, thank you for this amazing opportunity, I am forever grateful." Natalie McCright






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