The San Diego Scholastic Equestrian League (SDSEL) administers interscholastic equestrian competition for young riders in the 7th through 12th grades, providing these riders with the opportunity to achieve school and peer recognition which is often felt to be missing in their equestrian endeavors.  The purpose of the SDSEL is to promote and recognize the sport as an interscholastic team activity.

The focus of the SDSEL is one of education: we will strive to encourage the competency of the complete horseman, embracing not only riding skills, but a knowledge of horse and stable management as well as equine anatomy and physiology.

The SDSEL is not limited to those with extensive show experience, but seeks to encourage and support the efforts of those students and their parents, at both public and private schools, who have made a commitment to the sport of riding.

One of the goals of the SDSEL is to help students take the necessary steps to start an equestrian team at their school.  We believe that equestrian athletes should enjoy recognition for their chosen sport in their school environment.  Teams are made up of dressage, western, and hunter/jumper riders, to unite all equestrian students and to foster goodwill between the disciplines.   It is our hope that we can help create an equestrian team at every school, so that all equestrian athletes can participate in the SDSEL.

Contact your school’s principal, athletic director, and ASB advisor. Ask for an appointment to discuss creating an equestrian team/club at your school. The following are talking points for your meeting:

·The team/club will include hunter/jumper, western and dressage riders to unite the equestrian athletes at the school. The team/club is being formed so that equestrian athletes can have the same recognition and support from the school that mainstream sports enjoy.

·The team/club will be entirely self-funded.There is no need for funds from the school. If a team is formed within the athletic department, the team may be eligible to participate in booster club or school fundraisers and receive some funding from their activities.If the team is formed under a club status, ask if you can secure sponsorships and/or host fundraisers for your club.

·The team/club does not require a coach. The team members have their own coaches and/or trainers who attend the “shows” with them. · There is no need for a practice facility, practice times, etc. The team members practice in their own barns on their own schedules with their own trainers.

·The team/club will meet (set your own schedule, once a month?) at (school, during lunch is convenient for everyone) and a parent(s) will be the coordinator/advisor. · The “shows” and “show season” will be set by the San Diego Interscholastic Equestrian League (SDSEL). There is no minimum experience level required to participate on the team. Riders will be awarded individual and team points for participation, and overall individual and team points will be awarded for select classes.

·The SDSEL promotes the awareness of the NCAA and IHSA collegiate level equestrian programs (for more information on collegiate riding, please refer to the 'Collegiate' tab in the side bar) and will provide information on collegiate level riding as well as opportunities to participate with the two college teams in San Diego, the University of San Diego (USD) and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). SDSEL equestrian athletes now have the ability to receive scholarships to NCAA schools, and to receive help with admissions into several IHSA programs. In 2008, four San Diego equestrian athletes were accepted to NCAA equestrian teams.

·Equestrian athletes train and participate in horse shows with their own horses, equipment, trainers, etc. Liability for these athletes is covered by the school’s general liability policy. The regular school forms in place for the other sports teams can be used for equestrian athletes. Whether or not the team is run as a sport under the athletic department or as a club sport within the ASB, all current and in-place school sports documents and policies should be adequate to cover the equestrian team members.

Inform them of the SDSEL’s website to learn more.

Schools in the League
~Aviara Oaks Middle
~Carlsbad High School
~Granite Hills Middle
~Great Oak
~La Costa Canyon
~Linfield Christian
~Los Coches Creek Middle
~Murrieta Valley
~Pacific Ridge
~Palm Desert
~Ramona High School & Charters
~Rancho Bernardo
~San Dieguito Academy
~Santa Fe Christian High
~Santa Fe Christian JH
~Temescal Canyon
~Thompson Middle

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